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IRIS Smart Home
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About IRIS Smart Home

Dom IRIS is a demonstration apartment and clinical research facility (ambient assisted living lab) located at the ground floor of the main building of the Institute for Rehabilitation, Republic of Slovenia, measuring 90 m2. The apartment is fitted with equipment and technical aids, from the simple to the most advanced, assisting the elderly and persons with various disabilities.

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Dom IRIS offers conditions which enable the elderly and persons with disabilities to achieve the highest level of functional independence and independent residing. Adapted equipment, technical aids and numerous contemporary electronic systems enable the user to control the living space (opening doors and windows, drawing curtains, television, radio and telephone control, turning the heating on and off etc.) in various manners (remote control, voice control, wheelchair joystick, eye control etc.). At the same time, they offer surveillance of the living space which ensures safe and quality living.

Photos of the IRIS Smart Home.

Dom IRIS has been equipped with state-of-the-art communication technology which has been adapted to different levels and types of disability. Such equipment enables the elderly and persons with disabilities to communicate with the outside world, to receive remote care and remote monitoring of their health condition as well as to partake in studying, work, leisure and entertainment by means of electronic media.

Photos of the IRIS Smart Home.